Drehmaschine Mazak Integrex E 650H-II x 4000

CNC Fräs- und Drehzentrum
Maschinentyp: Mazak Integrex E 650 H-II x 4000
Steuerung: Mazatrol Matrix
Baujahr: 2008
Id 14729
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Gebrauchte(s) CNC Fräs- und Drehzentrum Mazak Integrex E 650H-II x 4000

Technische Daten
Max. Drehlänge: [mm]4.000
Drehdurchmesser: [mm]920
Max. Dreh-Ø über Bett: [mm]920
Max. Dreh-Ø über Schlitten: [mm]920
Drehzahlbereich: [1/min.]35 - 1.000
Spindelbohrung: [mm]260
Antriebsleistung: [kW]45 / 27
Drehmoment: [Nm]6.300
X-Achse: [mm]1.025
Y-Achse: [mm]650
Z-Achse: [mm]4.391
B-Achse+210 / -30
Vorschub: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]40
Eilgang: (X/Y/Z) [m/min.]40 / 40 / 30
CNC-Spindel schwenkbar für Fräs- und Dreharbeiten
Drehzahlbereich: [1/min.]5.000
Antriebsleistung: [kW]37
Werkzeugaufnahme:Capto C8
Werkzeugdurchmesser: [mm]135 / 260
Werkzeuglänge: [mm]500
Werkzeuggewicht: [kg]30
ReitstockMT 6
Reitstockpinole-Verschiebung: [mm]160
Anschlußwert: [KW]99,5 kVA
Platzbedarf (LxWxH): [m]11.500 x 3,938 x 3,920
Maschinengewicht: [kg]32.100
Kühlmitteltank: [l]1.150
LünetteSMW 6.1
Operation Condition indication lights
Spindle orientation
Programmable tailstock
B-axis index 5° (Coupling clamp)
B axis 0,0001° contouring
Turning with positionin B-Axis
Coolant thu milling head
G 37 Automatic tool length measurement
User macro 600 variables
Mazak tapping/boring tornade (EIA)
EIA/ISO code input functions
Additional EIA/ISO Functions
Inverse time feed
Sequence number comparison stop function
Tilted working plane
Mazacc 2D software (Shape Compensation)
Additional workpiece coordinate system 300 pairs
Treading function G33
Polar coordinates input (G122)
EIA pattern cycle (Grid,arc)
Cardbus I/F (2 slot)
LAN port
IC Memory card interfac
Active vibaration control
Intelligent thermal sheld
Intelligent safety shield
Mazak voice adviser
Virtual machining
Relocation sensor

Complete with following options:
SB 600 Lathe spindle bore 260 mm, max, 1000 Rpm, Torque 6300 Nm
MR 410 Hi-Torque Milling spindle, max 5000 Rpm, Torque 550 Nm
AT 380 80 CAPTO-Tool magazine (required tool)
BH 600 Long boring bar stocker (3 bars)
BH 650 Long boring bar ATC head W/3 tool
BH 655 ATC head R for long boring bar/reg. magazine adopter
BH 592 Long boring bar holder base ø 100 mm
BH 590 Long boring bar holder base ø 80 mm

Damped drill rod, Sandvik 570-3c ø 120 x 1300 mm
Damped drill rod, Sandvik 570-3c ø 100 x 1100 mm
Damped drill rod, Sandvik 570-3c ø 80 x 1200 mm

MO 060 Manual Pulse Generator 1 (detachable)
AS 305 Auto door with start switch by both hands
CO 010 Automatic chuck jaws open en close
JK 030 24"Kitagawa thru hole chuck (B 24) (ø 610 mm) less used
MT 054 Automatic tool eye for 24"Chuck
MB 256 Mazak monitoring system B with Renishaw RPM 60
SU 725 SMW Steady rest K6.1 Preperatin single/automatic
SMW Steady rest K-Z 6.1 art nr. 124067 ø 215-510 mm
CS 488 Preparation for 70 bar Knoll coolant/additional 3 M-code
CV 356 Chip conveyorMayfran Consep 2000 side
Mayfran Economy HP Pack 70 bar / 50 l/min
Mayfran 3- fix pressure stages
Mayfran Twin in-line cardridge filters (300l/min)

CS 033 Oil scimmer RB 200A
MM 020 Preparation for visual tool id/capto
TT 030 Tailstock quill Advance/retract footswitch
TE 809 Preparation for Flash tool system
AS 080 Overload detection system

Manual 4 Jaw Chuck ø 900 mm TDG P.G.Iv ø900 4d

Control options:
CM 805 Matrix Cam (MT)
NO 093 B) Milling spindle synchronized tapping
NO 116 F) EIA/IO function simultaneous 5 Axes
NO 117 F) Tool tip point control/simutanious 5 Axes
NO 123 F) Tool radius compensatio / 5 Axes
NO 148 EIA Dynamic compensation 2 (Included1)
NO 482 Re Treading
Mill Turning (Mazatrol)

NO 599 B) Cylindrical (G07) en Polar Coordinate (G 12)

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